Group Exhibition
31. July – 20. September 2009

Julieta Aranda, Olafur Eliasson, Eno Henze, Kazuo Katase, Peter Piller, Erich Reusch, Mandla Reuter, Thiago Rocha-Pitta, Albrecht Schäfer, Paul Virilio, Jordan Wolfson

Kunstverein Arnsberg would like to invite you to the group exhibition "Auszeit". The show questions some default order-systems in the relation of time and space. Challenging their subjective perception, the artists present own views on a cosmic order and the human attempts to observe, explain and structure it.

The study-project "Auszeit" tries to reconsider the daily cycle of tasks and problems, and find the balance in a timeout. Here we encounter new problems, as timeout is not an escape, nor a trip or holiday. A timeout helps us take a distance from our routine, creating an overview and new perspectives.

"Auszeit" refers to works from a rather natural than a social order. The law of nature, the course of the sun, the stars, seasons and phenomena have always fascinated poeple, making us consider our mission beneath. The show explores our relationship to the environment, and especially our time and what we could do with it.

We would be pleased if you take time to visit our exhibition.


Einladungskarte: Mandla Reuter, At The End Of The Day, 2008