Ella Ziegler
Stolen Car Stored in Bedroom
28. February – 6. April 2014
Kunstverein Arnsberg presents Ella Ziegler's solo show "Stolen Car Stored in Bedroom". The title of the exhibition refers to stupendous stories, that can be experienced at the Kunstverein, in its garden and to be found in other locations of the old town of Arnsberg. The compelling day-to-day of Ella Ziegler has been transferred to Arnsberg. Whether at the grocery store or the local bank, you are occasionally on Ziegler's track.

The artist's action field and interdisciplinary approach leads us through a variety of social situations, observations and reflections, mostly in public spaces. Her work is based on a conceptual and contextual performance, which captures banal moments, highlights the marginal or makes the overlooked appear.

Ziegler's quiet and ephemeral interventions go often unnoticed and have a second life in documentaries, exhibitions, lectures and publications. The artist succeeds thereby to dignify the inconspicuous with simple and sensitive, but also humorous and radical actions. At Kunstverein Arnsberg, we find a selection of over 20 works from recent years, which gives an insight into Ziegler's art language through its content and media diversity.

Ella Ziegler was born in 1970 in Ilshofen. She is a professor at the Kassel Art Academy and lives in Berlin.