Andreas Koch
where are we now
22. March – 12. May 2013

In his exhibition at Kunstverein Arnsberg, Andreas Koch shows a new work, conceptualized especially for this exhibition. Koch turns his gaze to his immediate environment, his home, which he uses as an exemplary model in his study of perception in spatial situations. The two rooms in the Kunstverein, in which Koch shows his photographic and cinematic installations, provide the perfect stage for the artist’s work because they mirror the subject of the home. The way Koch’s fictional camera travels from the kitchen, through a door, and eventually as a reflection in a balcony window, also pursues visitors to the Kunstverein from one room to the next. Koch emphasizes the opportunity offered by a series of rooms with adjacent doors, placing them into infinity, and conterattacks his film with a large photomural on the opposite wall.

In his work Andreas Koch references a medieval, pre-perspective understanding of images. It is not the exact view of a camera that interests him; rather, his image worlds are hyper-real reproductions of found realities, simultaneously melding together different perspectives, memories and experiences. Thus, the works shown here are dream-like surreal constructs referencing movies by Michelangelo Antonioni, Michael Snow's famous film "Wavelength" or the paintings of Vilhelm Hammershøi.

Andreas Koch was born in 1970 in Stuttgart and lives in Berlin, where he works as an artist, writer, graphic designer, lecturer and publisher.