Aram Bartholl
Remind me later
8. July – 23. October 2016

Are you, perhaps, reading this on your smart phone?


Have you got your phone under control, or is it controlling you?


The effects of technological developments on social life and relationships between people is a central theme in the work of Aram Bartholl. In this exhibition, Bartholl takes a critical look at the digital everyday. “Remind me later” is a term that we, as users, are all too familiar with. As a reflex, a defense mechanism against the constant stream of automatic updates, hitting the “remind me later” button is an immediate, deeply ingrained reaction.


Digitalization undeniably creates connections. But it also gives rise to alienation. Meet friends? Reconnect with nature? Remind me later. The phone is frequently more interesting than the person sitting opposite. The infinite communication possibilities offer so much more than real life? Really? 


Aram Bartholl investigates the social side effects of digitalization, and examines their influence on our analogue lives. In doing so, his work often incorporates outdoor space and blends perceptions of the real and the virtual. His work in Arnsberg continues in this vein, with humor and great sensitivity.  


Aram Bartholl was born in Bremen in 1972 and lives in Berlin. He is guest professor at the Kunstakademie in Kassel and at UCLA in Los Angeles.