Rafaël Rozendaal
Everything Dies
30. March – 20. May 2012

Kunstverein Arnsberg is pleased to present the solo exhibition of the Internet artist Rafaël Rozendaal.

Internet is a public space, where people, ideas and inspiration meet and interact. The communicative power of Internet, its democratic principles and the possibility to create artworks that can be seen by any one at any time, impacts also the Art World. Rafaël Rozendaal could combine at an early age his passion for Art and Internet and develop an unique artistic position that is consistently working on a new perception of the digital network. In his works, Internet is not just a tool or a starting point for new materializations or physical artworks but rather the Art itself.

Rozendaal's websites may be virtual but they embody many attributes of a "real artwork": each website is based on Rozendaal's drawings on paper, is complex realized by programmers, is unique as the url/domain of the .com-website, quaint and witty as the models of Pop Art, and of course marketable with a title and a signed certificate.

After Rozendaal, computers reveal a new world and their screen can offer often more dimensions than real life. In a browser window you can see much more than through a real window. His playful animations uncover social processes that allow us to carry out his work not as a projection, but rather as a reflection of everyday life. In the exhibition "Everything Dies" Rozendaal creates a site-specific installation in a flowing interplay with projection and reflection, content and emptiness, reality and virtuality.

Kunstverein Arnsberg commissioned Rozendaal for a new piece that can be viewed at the opening of the exhibition (a few days before the official launch of the website). You are also welcome to an artist talk with Rafael Rozendaal on March 31, Sunday, 11 a.m. at the Kunstverein.

The Dutch-Brazilian artist Rafael Rozendaal was born in 1980 in Amsterdam and lives everywhere. For this exhibition he traveled to Arnsberg from New York through Belgrade. After the show he flies to Rio via Amsterdam and subsequently to Seoul. How someone can live in Internet and how that works, shows us comprehensively his official website that recorded more than 15 million visitors in 2011:

Please visit also the new piece "Violent Power" commissioned by Kunstverein Arnsberg:

You can find the exhibition on YouTube too: