Swantje La Moutte
29. January – 14. March 2010

An imaginary area, fragmented in a Cartesian configuration, extends beyond the given pentamerous exhibition-space.


With black fountain pen ink the artist herself paints one ceiling and four separate walls, each pointing a different cardinal direction. Surrounded by whitened architectural surfaces, fluid and flow reveal traces of simultaneous pasts in a savage dimension –the appearance of which resembles as it were pristine vegetation-structures or satellite-pictures of oceanic landscapes.

Unconceivable from a static perspective, visitors are invited to explore this measureless sculpture by the immediate experience of an immenseness of their corporal motions in distinct time.


With a specific emphasis on the expansive interaction of neurons and muscles this experimental, geographically unbound locus challenges the tension in between singular physical movements and space(-vitalization), as well as the very momentum of writing.



An eponymous, less ephemeral artist book dilates the work.





Previous exhibitions of Swantje La Moutte (*1980) took place at e.g. Kunsthalle Basel (2008), Zendai Museum of Modern Art Shanghai (2006), Kunstverein Hannover (2005) and Musée d'art moderne et contemporain Genève (2004).